About Quercetin!

A very versatile nutrient for immunity, as anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory, for energy, deleting aging cells and much more!

Quercetin came to awareness a lot more since early 2020, with the arrival of covid.  Since then, it’s practically a household word.  It is a naturlly occurring nutrient, shown to selectively delete old/aging cells, while leaving healthy, youthful cells undisturbed!

It has age decelerating properties which help reduce disease throughout the body, including your largest organ…your skin!  As well, it helps to regain youthful function of the body with regular intake.  Primary food sources are many fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries, applies, citrus, onions, peppers, etc.  Even green tea provides it 🙂  Taking quercetin in supplement form is recommended as we don’t get enough of it for optimal health from food alone.

Quercetin also helps to clear senescent (aging) cells from the body which is very significant for slowing down and even reversing aging.

Very important to those of us concerned with our skin health, quercetin helps to preserve our skin’s integrity as it helps to remove senescent fibroblasts in the skin.  It has been shown to reverse skin and wound damage, thus promoting healing!  Daily intake of quality quercetin may greatly improve your health, including that of your precious skin!