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At last, truly natural and organic skin care products made in Canada for you and your family that are both affordable and easy to use… guaranteed! Made with only the best natural ingredients, our organic face moisturizer, anti-aging face cream, organic hair oils and more will give you and your body the love and care they deserve.
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About Beaulance

Since 2000, Beaulance Natural Skin Care has been creating the purest lotions, creams and serums for discerning and health minded consumers. Located in Victoria, our products are created with only organic and natural ingredients and are excellent for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.
Made with the utmost care and concern for both the consumer and the environment, they are free of parabens, perfumes, dyes, alcohol and all synthetic ingredients that may be harmful and damaging. All of our organic skin care products are made with plant based botanicals, pure cold pressed oils and organic and wildcrafted essential oils and herbs. Our products are not tested on animals and no animal based ingredients are used. They are also vegan and gluten free!

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Latest Blog Post

  • Spotlight on Frankincense

    Boswelia (Frankincense) oil, essence from gum, ruled by the Sun, is a yang oil and boasts very many healing properties and applications! 

    Literature suggests its first use, approximately 5,000 years ago, was as incense to drive away evil spirits that were believed to the cause of people’s sickness.  The english word derives from the french “franc encens”.

    Frankincense was a highly prized substance of the ancient world, regarded as equally valuable as gems or precious metals.  We all know of the offering of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the infant Christ. 

    Egyptians used it in rejuvenating face masks; maybe this was its first usage in skin care!  Today, we still use and blend it together with compatible oils, such as Rose, Lavender and Neroli in skin care. One can create their own effective blends, with a little intuition and working knowledge of the properties of this oil!

    In cases of illness and infections, it is blended with oils that create a synergistic effect; eg. in bronchitis, coughs, ulcers, laryngitis, digestive issues and many other conditions.  Being astringent, it is useful for haemorrhages, both uterine and pulmonary. 

    In skin care, we use it as part of an anti-aging, rejuvenating formula.  In 20 years of creating organic, vegan skin care products, I haven’t met one person who is allergic to it or who finds it unpleasant to smell or apply to their skin. 

    We use it in our #1 product, Naturose Face Cream, as it contributes to a youthful complexion and helps to prevent wrinkles.   It is truly one of Nature’s beautiful gifts! 

What Clients Are Saying…

These products are incredible. Straight up incredible! I used to be in the cosmetology industry (was a hairstylist for many years) where I had access to skin care from anywhere in the world! I’m 53 and to date, I haven’t used anything that has made such a huge difference in my skin, in such a short time! Winnipeg winters are hellish on the skin! So dry! This winter I’m armed with this little skin care goldmine! Thank you so much!

Elsie Freeman

Best products ever! I went half of one winter without and my skin turned to leather. Fortunately for me, it didn’t take long to correct once I got my Beaulance going again! Thanks, Margaret

Kelly Green

I really love my Naturose Face Cream. My skin feels amazing and moist and looks really great. I get so many compliments about how young I look. I am a 75 yr old grandmother and I am told that I look like I am in my fifties. I was paying double the amount for a product that I was using and I like this one more. You gotta try it!!!

Liz, Victoria, B.C.

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