Rose Hip Seed Oil

There are many benefits to using this lovely oil, both on its own and within a synergistic blend.  Here are the main ones:

Helps regenerate new cell tissue, has anti-wrinkle properties, essential fatty acids (EFA’s), Vitamins, Carotenoids, Tocopherols, Anti-oxdants and natural UV protection!

In its organic, unrefined state, or at least its semi-refined state, it offers more benefits than in its refined state.  The latter is what you’re more likely to find commercially, unless you can find an organic, unrefined supply of it.

Using a high quality, synergistic blend is a great idea when your skin requires a little or a lot more help, for example; being over 40, aging/mature skin, special needs and in colder weather are examples.

Beaulance Golde Serum and Naturose Face Cream are blends which offer many significant benefits in skin care!  Both are tried and true formulas for many years now 🙂