Fruits & Veggies…….and your skin!

We know how important they are for our health, that includes the health of our skin, but do we eat enough on a regular basis?

Confession: I have a long history of emotional eating/snacking which almost always involved chips and dips!  Not always a bad thing, but definitely lacking in whole food nourishment!  And it was never conscious or intuitive eating!

Recently I ‘woke up’ to realize I was undermining my own health in a big way, worsening my thyroid/gut condition.  And the aging effect on my skin was very evident!

Getting sick recently and not recovering quickly has been a huge wake up call for me.  Now, snacking is an apple or similar, and seldom in the evening as this is a significant sleep disrupter!  As well, consuming lots of water based and organic foods contributes greatly to keeping our body and skin well hydrated.

If you relate to this experience, you may want to evaluate your own habits and their underlying cause(s).  Addictions are far more commonplace than we care to admit and exact a toll on every aspect of our health, when not resolved!  Check out Gabor Mate for his many contributions and expertise on this subject!  His simple, yet profound tenet that addictions stem from unmet early life needs, had a great impact on my awakening.

Great health, both skin and within, are so worth the effort to achieve 🙂