Eczema: Treatment Options

Atopic (allergic) dermatitis, or eczema, is a chronic inflammatory dis-ease that affects up to 25% of people.  Symptoms are dry, itchy and inflamed skin.

This skin ailment has doubled in the last decade!  Cold, dry weather leads to dry skiin and sets the stage for its manifestation.  Eczema sometimes leads to severe skin trauma such that secondary inflections can result from scratching the affected area(s).

Conventional  Treatments

These include antihistamines, oral and topical steroids and antibiotics, designed to mitigate itching and inflammation.  Some temporary, superficial relief may be had, but at what cost to your health?  Pharmaceutical drugs always carry long term side effects.

Natural and Organic Treatments

Both internal and topical remedies are available which offer lasting and deep healing to the skin and entire body.

One important remedy is GLA.  Taken internally, GLA helps to overcome a dietary deficiency of Omega 6 linoleic acid (LA).  Lack of it results in a scaly skin disorder and water loss in the skin.  As you age, it becomes increasingly important to add a GLA supplement to your diet; this will allow you to restore your skin to a healthier state, free of the torment of eczema.

Topically, you can use oils and herbals which impart GLA and other healing properties to soothe, calm and restore your skin’s natural, healthy state.

The four products in this image each offer remedial oils and herbs to help you in the healthiest and most natural way. Below are the links to each: