A very versatile nutrient for immunity, as anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory, for energy, deleting aging cells and much more! Quercetin came to awareness a lot more since early 2020, with the arrival of covid.  Since then, it’s practically a household word.  It is a naturlly occurring nutrient, shown to selectively delete old/aging cells, while leaving healthy, youthful cells undisturbed! It has age decelerating properties which help reduce disease throughout the body, including your largest organ…your skin!  As well, it helps to regain youthful function of the body with regular intake.  Primary food sources are many fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries, applies, citrus, onions, peppers, etc.  Even green tea provides it 🙂  Taking quercetin in supplement form is recommended as we don’t get enough of it for optimal health from food alone. Quercetin also helps to clear senescent (aging) cells from the body which is very significant for slowing down and even reversing aging. Very important to those of us concerned with our skin health, quercetin helps to preserve our skin’s integrity as it helps to remove senescent fibroblasts in the skin.  It has been shown to reverse skin and wound damage, thus promoting healing!  Daily intake of quality quercetin may greatly improve your health, including that of your precious skin!
We breathe via the autonomic nervous system, which controls the body’s internal state. It regulates and supports many different internal processes, usually outside of a person’s conscious awareness. In this western, stressful, chaotic, demanding lifestyle, we are unconsciously practicing shallow breathing….most of the time.  But time honored practices, such as yogic/belly breathing, in addition to any healthy exercise which increases cellular oxygenation and blood flow, is wonderful and transformative for our overall health!  Of course, this is reflected in our largest organ, our skin! We all need a regular, if not daily, practice that includes conscious, deep breathing, eg. yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, long fast walking, etc.  It’s amazing that a few moments of deep, conscious breathing yields so much benefit, but it does! As part of a stillness/meditation practice, it’s really helpful to imagine yourself/cells as you want to be.  Transformation begins with imagining, followed by acting on the desire of your imagining 🙂 What does the featured image have to do with today’s topic?  Nothing but I think it’s really adorable 🙂        
The products featured in this image offer lots of hydrating qualities for healthy skin care. Water: Do you drink enough…. Clean, energized water, that is? There is purified, filtered, oxygenated, structured, spring, bottled and more! Tap water is a big No No, given its composition of myriad pollutants and toxins. We need to work at good, healthy hydration as the years roll by, because our cells are given to dehydration as we age. And dehydrated cells equate to a dis-eased, aging body! I’ve read that dehydration is the #1 cause of dis-ease and death. If true, it’s a simple fix to feel better and be well. Sipping good quality water throughout the day keeps you hydrated, energized and in a more alert state of mind. Of course, our skin health reflects our level of hydration!    

Here’s the first in a series to help you turn back the clock.

Beauty starts from within so how about a few simple changes, as follows:

  • If you haven’t already, include anti-aging foods in your diet, organic where possible, such as; dark colored fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins, minerals and powerful plant nutrients, which fight cancer, heart and eye disease and aging! They also support digestive health!
  • Include low glycemic legumes, such as lentils and chickpeas (use enzymes to help digestion) as they help to prevent metabolic syndrome and diabetes and help to prevent irregular sugar metabolism associated with aging.
  • Balance your meat intake with clean fish to obtain essential fatty acids.
  • Make healthy fat choices such as extra virgin olive oil, coconut, ghee (clarified butter). And supplement with GLA (gamma linolenic acid) for further skin anti-aging benefits.
  • Let’s not forget about water, the elixir of life! Make it spring water or structured water for highest cellular absorption, to keep you and your precious skin hydrated!

The health of your body and your skin will respond quickly and improve over time!

Beaulance Natural Skin Care products offer organic, body/skin friendly solutions which can be used in combination with the changes above to give your body and skin the love they deserve!