About Water and Skin!

The products featured in this image offer lots of hydrating qualities for healthy skin care.

Water: Do you drink enough….
Clean, energized water, that is?
There is purified, filtered, oxygenated, structured, spring, bottled and more!
Tap water is a big No No, given its composition of myriad pollutants and toxins.
We need to work at good, healthy hydration as the years roll by, because our cells are given to dehydration as we age. And dehydrated cells equate to a dis-eased, aging body!
I’ve read that dehydration is the #1 cause of dis-ease and death. If true, it’s a simple fix to feel better and be well. Sipping good quality water throughout the day keeps you hydrated, energized and in a more alert state of mind. Of course, our skin health reflects our level of hydration!